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Vintage Pinball

No Fear (1995)

Extremely fast game from one of the master pinball designers, Steve Ritchie, NO FEAR featuring five unique modes, a three-ball multiball, plus additional multiballs by hitting certain objectives in the game. NO FEAR also featuring one of the most satisfying shots in any pinball game, the JUMP ramp, which can be hit over and over again via the upper flipper for big points.

Scared STIFF (1996)

Featuring Elvira and a ton of tongue-in-cheek humorous dialogue, Scared Stiff is a classic from the Golden Age of pinball during the 1990's. Featuring six objectives and two multiballs, if you manage to complete them all, you get to play the "Stiff-o-Meter," which can lead to MONSTER Multiball, the biggest multiball of them all, and gets your initials on the board as one of Elvira's "favorite stiffs."

Lord of the Rings (2003)

One of the deepest and best games of the current generation of pinball games, Lord of the Rings features six unique modes, four multiballs, and "Destroy the Ring," one of the most satisfying and frustrating modes in a pinball game. Pull it off and the bar owes you a round!

STAR TREK (2013)

STAR TREK (2013) is the NEWEST pinball game on the market, coming out in October 2013. Featuring the first standard all LED-lighting system, stereo sound, with a slick playfield with six different missions and two different multiballs, this game is bright, loud, and FAST. Come take a seat in the Captain's Chair.